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No camping trip would be complete without a round of S’mores. Abby and I, with a few modifications, carried out the tradition every night we were in Big Sur. In my opinion it’s all about the ingredients. As with all things food, organic is best, but buy the best you can afford. We headed to Whole Foods for graham crackers, good chocolate and for the main attraction, marshmallows, we went with gourmet brand Plush Puffs. They did not disappoint. Plush Puffs have an excellent texture, creamy consistency without the powdery, over-sugary taste you get with conventional marshmallows.

Directions below for our open faced S’mores. Although they’d be just as good the customary way.

Open Faced S’mores (makes 2)

You will need:
-Graham Crackers
-Marshmallows (We love Plush Puffs in vanilla)
-Chocolate Bar
-Aluminum Foil
-Fire Resistant Poker (A stick will do)

Start by tearing off a large square of foil and fold in half. Place directly on to the grill grate. Tear off two smaller squares and fold down-about 3 times until you have a nice square.

First place half a graham cracker on the foil, let it get toasty. About 1 minute. Then take your chocolate square and place it directly on to your toasty graham cracker. Let the chocolate melt. About 2 minutes. When the chocolate has started to melt, place your marshmallow onto your poker and hover above the fire. You can get a little closer if you want a little char. Carefully roast the marshmallow about 2 minutes. Just when your marshmallow is all gooey place it onto your melted chocolate.

We liked to eat ours open-faced but you are more than welcome to add the other half of graham cracker at this point. Let cool slightly, then enjoy!

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