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Mercury is in retrograde, it’s now the year of the Water Snake and the female energy has awoken. Phew, the cosmos are stirred up! I have been feeling some of these changes and stumbled across Mystic Mamma yesterday during my afternoon surf time. Mystic Mamma, pools and distills the best information out there on the subject and if you are looking for insight or wisdom on how to navigate these wild waters, do check it out.

Image: Jordan Chamblee

Image by Jordan Chamblee via Mystic Mamma

Also, Abby and I watched this frightfully engaging documentary Resonance last night. It’s only available on Youtube, but if you have Apple TV or a gaming deice you can pipe it through your TV. Resonance takes a look at the science behind our wireless devices like our cell phones, cordless phones and Wi-Fi. The verdict is in and these devices are carcinogens-meaning they can cause cancer. Pretty scary stuff.

I love my cell phone and think we have a pretty fair and balanced relationship. I don’t have a job that requires me to check in, so I can happily go for hours not even thinking about it. But, I do love being able to share with friends and family in real time. Where would I be without photos and videos of my adorable nieces and nephew? Having done two long distance moves in less than two years I can say with absolution that it would not have been possible without my iPhone.

While the film is compelling, it did not present any practical solutions to the problem. For now, I’ve deemed our bedroom a cell phone free zone. We have pulled out our old school alarm clock and will leave our phones in the living room over night to charge-call me crazy! I’m not sure if any of this will help but if you have any suggestions, do send them my way.

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